About Me



I am a pizza, dog loving, intimate photographer! I know how scary it is to even think about an intimate session! I used to weigh close to 350 pounds and I let so many opportunities pass me by, because I did not feel worthy of them. I let my weight determine who I was. It was not until I started photographing more intimate that my views changed for myself. Now, I want to be seen, I need to be heard, and I have my intimate photographs taken every single year.

Some Fun Facts about me:

  • I adopted 3 children from foster care

  • I am married ( we met because we both had Lowrider Cadillacs)

  • I am obsessed with dogs

  • I am a reporting analyst during the day

  • I am on the board of Directors for the Santa Barbara County Animal Care Foundation

  • I LOVE, and I mean LOVE LOVE Pizza! Real pizza!

  • I am in USO Car Club with my lowrider Cadillac “Bada Bing”

    I have photographed hundreds of women and men, this is a safe place for you to explore yourself, to let go and feel comfortable, sexy, bold and dammit strong!!